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Position Responsibilities Officer
President Overseeing club activity. Leading general meetings/showings as well as making the agenda for officer meetings. Initialize room and equipment reservations at the beginning of each semester. Andrew Truong
Vice President Contacting organizations outside of AA such as companies and other clubs. Distribution of advertisements. Jointly in charge of AA property with the Secretary/Treasurer. Cole Sanchez
Secretary In charge of the club's anime library as well as sending out info regarding the library. Jointly in charge of AA property with the Vice President. Recording of minutes during officer meetings/showings.
NOTE: The Secretary position must be held by someone that is resident on campus for tape library check-out purposes.
Treasurer Maintains the club's financial records and most of the financial transactions. Provides reimbursements. Making changes to room and equipment reservations. Bekii Taylor
Librarian Maintains the club's video library. Ryan Nelson
Webmaster Responsible for maintaining/updating the club's web page. Eric Brunt
Advertising Facilitate chalking sessions and post flyers. Jenaer Rader
Devon Hackwell
Technician   Luke Bona
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